Calculate your

National Insurance and Income Tax

1. Your situation

This is any allowable business expenses you have claimed for e.g. uniform, phone usage, breakdown cover etc

2. Tax and profit

  • +Total earnings £0

  • £0 self-employment expenses
  • -Tax to Pay: £0

  • £0 Income tax
  • £0 class 4 National Insurance
  • =What you're left with: £0

3. Summary

When you're self-employed, you have to pay your National Insurance contributions yourself in your annual Self Assessment, together with any income tax you might owe.

In your case when you earn £0:

Income tax breakdown:

  • You pay no income tax on the first £12,570 that you make You pay £0 (20%) on your self-employment income between £12,570 and £0

National insurance breakdown:

  • No contributions on the first £12,570 that you make You pay £0 in contributions (at 6%) on your income between £12,570 and £0 You pay £0 in NI Class 2 contributions.